Want to Grow Your Business?

morph2Growing a small or mid-size business isn’t easy, especially today.  Add the need to keep profits alive, and the challenge becomes greater.

If competitors are muscling up, it’s even tougher.

The good news is we can help, something we’ve been doing since 1989.



They’re a dime a dozen.  But good ideas – focused on your business and its needs, and intended to help you meet your growth and profit goals – well, that’s our specialty.

You’ve found the right place.


Words that sell              . . .that impress your marketplace with your business’ abilities     . . .that position you and your business as a valuable resource for your clients (or customers). 

We’re good at words and positioning.



Maybe growth isn’t the immediate issue.

Perhaps the first need is to protect your turf from competitors with bigger budgets.

Whatever the problem, we’ll help you find the best solution.

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Nonprofits have an important, though often overlooked, role to play.  Some are business focused.  CBEID is an example.  Other nonprofits, such as Fox Valley United Way, center more on community and social needs.  In any case, we’re pleased to make this web space available to them.

To learn more, click on the appropriate logo to visit either nonprofit’s site. When you log off that site, you’ll come back here, to Kendall Communications.

fvuw_4cFounded in 1922, Fox Valley United Way provides support for more than 50 social services agencies in Kane and Kendall counties.  Workplace campaigns are an important source of funds for FVUW and the agencies it represents.

CBEID-top-bnr-placehldr1With a focus on small and start-up businesses with innovative ideas in the Fox River Valley, CBEID seeks to promote local economic vitality and growth through experienced business mentors who make community connections and, especially, add personal encouragement.


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