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With KCI Words, Your Business = Growth.

Words Smithed Here

The best ideas…the greatest concepts…all need words (and, often, graphics) to make sense to the audience you want to reach:

Customers (or clients) you’ve served before and want to bring back to your business again.

Prospects. New folks you’ve met, or would like to meet, who likely can use whatever product or service you’re selling – even if you’ll have to convince them first.

Referral sources – the people who know you and your business...the quality you offer...your reliability...the folks who can guide new customers to you.

How you reach out to these audiences, how you explain the various services or products you offer – that’s where wordsmithing (the packaging of the presentation options that will make your business seem as good as it actually is) matters most. Words are what we do at Kendall Communications as we work with you to help your business grow.

Who Does The Work

There’s nothing like owning a business to develop the insights that can help other entrepreneurs find success. Part of the benefit is building relationships with professionals who have skills that complement my own:

    • ·       I do words. . .concepts. . .strategies – the ideas that flesh out the ideas others bring. Starting a business is easy. Growing it – profitably – is far more difficult.
    • ·      The people we work with at Kendall Communications have varied but important skills.
    • ·       Social media.  What’s available.  How best to use it.
    • ·       Photography.  Videography.  Graphic Design.
    • ·       People issues.  Hiring-firing-managing.
    • ·       Numbers.  The folks who keep track of how you’re doing.  CPAs and bookkeepers.
    • ·       Banking, finance.
  • ·       Legal stuff, including contracts that keep you out of trouble.
  • ·       If we don’t have the resources you need, our friends likely do.

The key is to think. . .turn thoughts into a plan. . .adapt that plan, because the market will determine how your business truly lives. . .and remember that profits matter most.

What We Do

Our goal is to help our client business owners be successful.  We do that by sharing the knowledge we’ve gained through 30 years of owning small businesses and a dozen or so years of experiences we have writing about them in a weekly Jim Kendall on Small Business column published by the Daily Herald. The next step is for you to contact us and discuss your situation, while we listen and ask questions.

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